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Hi , I’m just normal teenager with my many dreams in my head . Pluviophile , selenophile , ceraunophile , autophile , selectively extrovert 🤍💫

From the blog

  • Broken pieces
    Heartbreak, a pain like no other,It tears you apart, leaves you in shatters,It breaks you down, bit by bit,And leaves you with nothing but emptiness. Heartbreak, a storm that never ends,It takes away your peace, […]
  • Green-eyed monster
    Green-eyed monster, oh so cruel,It gnaws on your soul, makes you a fool,It eats you up from inside out,And leaves you with nothing but doubt. Jealousy, a bitter pill to swallow,It makes you feel so […]
  • A new definition of love
    Love is not just the roses,It’s the thorns too that it poses,It’s not just the sweet melody,It’s the bitter notes that it brings. Love is not just the moon,It’s the darkness too that it brings,It’s […]
  • The power within
    Self-love, a journey of a lifetime,It’s not just a feeling, it’s a state of mind,It’s the power within, that sets you free,And helps you become the person you want to be. Self-love, a light that […]
  • Beyond your reach
    Too hard to love, a heart so closed,It’s like a book, that no one knows,It’s a mystery, so hard to unfold,And a story, that no one has told. Too hard to love, a soul so […]
  • Cherish each sunrise
    Time ticks by with ease,Moments lost but memories stay,Cherish each sunrise. 💠💙
  • Adventure awaits
    Winding roads ahead,Journey filled with new wonders,Adventure awaits. 💠💙
  • Feast for senses
    Sizzling hot pan,Aromas waft through the kitchen,Feast for all senses. 💠💙